All across America, at Open House schools open their doors to families to share a glimpse into the student experience. What if we gave students the opportunity to take the lead and present their work to a broader audience? Open House can be the chance to engage students and parents alike, in meaningful conversations about their learning, and about their future.

3 Tools to Turn Open House into Exhibition:

  • Download our Open House to Exhibition Toolkit for step-by-step support on transforming your Open House into an exhibition of student learning. From parent communication to student reflections, this toolkit has handy tips to support your event!

  • What roles might students play at your student-led Open House? Get inspired by these Sample Open House Exhibition Roles from High Tech High Graduate School of Education.

  • Are you already doing a project that will be completed by Open House? Download our Exhibition Tool Kit for ways to transform your Open House into a celebration of student learning.