In this email-based online course you will learn about the practice of Exhibitions and how that practice can enhance your students’ learning. Exhibition provides, both teachers and students, a way to showcase their learning and receive assessment on work from external audiences. Course participants will work to create a plan for a forthcoming student exhibition.



  • You need to be a K-12 Teacher -Students (K-12)
  • A Venue
  • Student work to exhibit
  • An audience
  • Time (Ideally 3-6 weeks minimum)

Course Information:

  • PROVIDER: Share Your Learning
  • PLATFORM: Mailchimp
  • SUBJECT: Teacher Professional Development
  • COST: Free Online Course
  • SESSION: Always Available
  • LANGUAGE: English
  • CERTIFICATE: N/A, but CEU’s are available here
  • START DATE: Flexible
  • DURATION: 1-3 hours over 28 days


A self-care strategy document oriented for both the teacher and the students.

A mapped out strategy for organizing the traffic flow when students and audience interact with the exhibition location (leading up to and the day of).

A list of project reflection questions aimed at deepening student understanding in preparation for a successful event.

A backwards design planning strategy for tackling planning, timeline, and materials needed for building a successful exhibition.

Additional Resources

Email 1 – Introduction

Email 2 – When

Email 3 – Where & How

Email 4 – Materials

Email 5 – Project

Email 6 – Planning

Email 7 – Practice

Email 8 – Exhibition

Email 9 – Post-Exhibition