What better way for families to learn about what their student will be doing this year, than to hear from the students themselves?  Transform Back to School Night by putting students at the center and giving them an opportunity to share the work they are engaged in!  Rather than the typical Back to School Night where a teacher talks to an audience of parents, imagine an interactive experience, where students share what they have done so far, and what support they need from their families.  In this way, parents get a real sense of what students are engaged in at school.  Of course, teachers can still share logistics and planning in written communication, or in quick announcements as a part of the night.

3 Ways to Put Your Students at the Center of Back to School Night:

  • Are you already doing a project that will be completed by Back to School Night? Download our Exhibition Tool Kit for ways to transform your Back to School Night into a celebration of student learning.

  • Want to Build Culture and a Sense of Community?  Here are 4 Culture Building Mini-Projects for the beginning of the year that you can exhibit for families.

  • Choose one activity you’ve already done with your students and highlight this at Back to School Night.  Here are tips for selecting and exhibiting one activity you want to celebrate.