Have students present their learning, grounded in artifacts/evidence from their own work,

to a panel of peers and adults who can offer feedback and support for next steps.  

“POL’s are important because we use our work to show how we have grown and why we should move on to the next grade”

Yvonne, 11th Grader

“POL’s show that what you do at school matters, and helps you show that to your parents and have a real conversation”

David, 7th Grader

“POL’s are more about showing than telling. They allow us to show work that we are proud of.”

Kat, 11th Grader

Why do it?

Presentations of Learning (POLs) promote…

Student Ownership, Responsibility & Engagement.

POLs can serve as a powerful rite of passage at the end of a semester or academic year. By reflecting on their growth over time, grounded in evidence from their work, students are encouraged to take ownership of their learning in relation to academic and character goals. Just as an artist wants their portfolio to represent their best work, POLs encourage students to care deeply about the work they will share.

Community Pride & Involvement.

When peers, teachers and community members come together to engage with student work and provide authentic feedback, they become invested in students’ growth and serve as active contributors to the school community.


POLs provide an opportunity for all students to celebrate, reflect, plot a course forward, and ask for the support they need. They ensure that all students are seen, and provide insight into what learning experiences students find most meaningful and relevant to their lives.