Exhibition Night at Big Spring High School By Bill August


Exhibition at Big Springs High School Bill August Our foray into the world of student exhibition came about as a result of a number of factors. The first of which was a general dissatisfaction with our parent/teacher conference times. Contractually, teachers are required to do twelve hours of evening conference hours spread throughout the year. Historically, and particularly since the advent of parental access to grades on-line, parental attendance has been low and we don’t feel as though we get much “bang for our buck” for the time investment. These hours had the look and [...]

What is a Presentation of Learning and Why Do We Do It? By Alec Patton


What is a Presentation of Learning and Why Do We Do It? Alec Patton A Presentation of Learning (POL) requires students to present their learning to an audience, in order to prove that they are ready to progress. Effective POLs include both academic content and the student’s reflection on their social and personal growth.  They are important rituals – literally “rites of passage” for students. At my school, every student gives two POLs per year – one at the end of fall semester, and one at the end of the year. They happen at the same time [...]

What Are Student Led Conferences (SLCs) and Why Do We Do It? By Jeff Govoni


What Are SLCs And Why Do We Do It? Jeff Govani A student-led conference is more than a parent teacher conference that the student sits in on. The focus is on the student, rather than about the student. It helps them feel empowered to really own their learning by providing space for them to have their thoughts and opinions heard by some of the most important adults in their life: their parents and their teacher. One of the reasons that I really love SLCs is because it helps the student reflect on each part of the project [...]

What is Exhibition and Why Do We Do It? By Julia Jacobsen


What Is Exhibition And Why We Do It? Julia Jacobsen Every year, I notice a really big shift in students’ seriousness about their work as exhibition approaches.  Right now, my class is working with a new intensity.  When I was celebrating them, and asking them where this new energy came from, they told me that it’s because everyone will see their work!  The knowledge that their work will be seen by an audience (who matter) increases the amount that kids care about what they are doing. The second reason we hold exhibitions is that they are affirming [...]